Naked Arielle Aquinas Teased Before Given Permission to Cum

Arielle Aquinas looks mouthwatering, cuffed, spread eagle, and writhing naked on her back. Bra and panty clad Anastasia Rose runs her hand over Arielle, tickling her toes and belly, licking her nipples and navel, and then flicking her fingers over Arielle’s thighs and shaved snatch. A pussy spanking comes next for naughty Arielle, and then Anastasia drips her spit on Arielle’s mound and continues foot tickling to make the blondie squirm. Anastasia then slaps Arielle’s titties more roughly because she’s a “naughty slut.” And a noisy one, obviously, so Anastasia puts a black bit gag in Arielle’s mouth before bringing in the Hitachi to completely discombobulate the squealing girl with relentless stimulation and bondage orgasms—but ONLY when Anastasia decides it’s time! Watch Arielle almost sob in frustration at the tease and denial games. “Make sure you tell me before you cum!” warns Anastasia. Then, afterward, she says, “Look at the mess this slut made!” leaving Arielle laying in her G-spot puddle!

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