Lydia Makes Laid Back Lola Finally Squirm and Cum

Barefoot, with her ankles and knees spread and tethered by rope to the floor, and her wrists rope-bound underneath her, Lola Anderson lays face-down across a metal bar which elevates her cute butt in its plaid miniskirt. Lydia Black is delighted to find her in this condition, lifting up that skirt and smacking Lola’s ass. Lydia also savors Lola’s crotch through her cute white cotton panties, but decides to scissor them off for unrestricted access. And when Lola gives Lydia some sassy backtalk, well, it’s time for a red ball gag! Lola keeps looking at the camera, communicating with us with her eyes, so it really feels like we are there too as she undergoes this whole submissive process. Lydia gives her lots more spanks, and then brings out the Hitachi wand. Lydia turns up the speed because Lola seems “too chill” with it at first, and because she wants to see Lola “squirm.” Which Lola does once the wand hits rocket speed!

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