Kyra Rose Seems to Crave Even More Sybian Saddle Climaxes

Stripped bare, pretty tits hanging free, black-haired Kyra Rose has her wrists cuffed over her head and legs tied with rope to the floor to keep her shaven pussy planted on the flesh-colored vibrator attachment of the Sybian saddle. The hum of the machine is low at first as she writhes, even as drool from her red ball gag slides down her rippling tummy. The Sybian speed is increased, she sighs and squeals, and you can almost inhale the musk from her smooth underarms as the warmth grows and she gazes helplessly at the camera, well aware how aroused she looks in her absolute submission as the saddle sends its bondage orgasm power through her crotch. At one point she seems to be saying something over her gag, but we just let her keep cumming as her eyes almost roll back into her head…then, is that a look of relief or continuing hunger when the machine is finally switched off?

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