Teased by Megan Jones, Hogtied Terra Mizu Struggles in Ropes

It’s a fun chatty “payback” scene as curvy blue-haired Megan Jones lords it playfully over Terra Mizu now, who writhes on a white shag carpet, hogtied with rope and struggling to get out. Her legs are bound at the knees too. Long-limbed and light brunette Terra looks sexy indeed in her lacy blue bra and panty set. Megan reaches over and tickles her, gives her light-hearted smacks on the bod, and runs her nails over Terra’s midsection, getting howls of laughter from her “victim.” They seem to be having a great time, like bondage girls playing at home, but Terra’s not going anywhere till she escapes! She finally manages to get out of the hogtie, but she’s still bound ankles and wrists; Megan tries to hamper her by grabbing the wrist ropes and walking around above her. “You’re my puppet,” Megan laughs, but soon enough Terra escapes the wrist bonds and leg restraints. Terra sure looks good struggling as long as she does, though!

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