Anastasia “Torments” Arielle After Winning Escape Challenge

Hogtied, cuffed, barefoot and ball gagged on their bellies, clad only in skimpy lingerie, Anastasia Rose and Arielle Aquinas struggle to escape the challenge of their bondage. Our camera captures every red-faced, brow-furrowing moment of their struggles, when suddenly Anastasia gets out of her bonds while Arielle’s fingers are still fidgeting behind her back at her cuffs. With a triumphant chuckle Anastasia doffs her ball gag and immediately torments Arielle with quick tickling while freeing the “loser” from a couple of her bonds so she can flip Arielle onto her back for some Hitachi-on-the-pussy treatment. Pulling aside Arielle’s blue panty crotch, Anastasia clearly savors this opportunity to drive helpless squealing Arielle totally wild with the endless throbbing of the toy on her vulnerable snatch. Dropping a gob of spit on Arielle’s slit, Anastasia rubs the vibe on Arielle’s pussy until bondage orgasms hit! “This is what losers get!” laughs Anastasia, knowing that such “losing” really means bliss!

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