Ziva Fey Cums Uncontrollably Under Arielle Aquinas’ Supervision

Ziva Fey, only in bra, panties and heels, is leaning over and cuffed by her wrists and ankles to a diagonal bondage frame, tugging at her bonds to no avail. Then Arielle Aquinas ball-gags Ziva and rubs the brunette’s silky body, fondling her booty, giving Ziva goosebumps. Arielle smacks those jiggly cheeks, noticing how wet Ziva gets through her thong panty. Arielle plays with the helpless girl’s nipples, pats her soaking pussy over the panty crotch, then decides it’s time for the Hitachi wand. Arielle revels in how aroused Ziva gets, cumming on the toy a couple of eye-popping times. Then Arielle does something unusual: after she turns up the vibe all the way, she lets Ziva hold the Hitachi at her crotch herself while Arielle gives her lots of spanks. But Ziva has a hard time concentrating, understandably, so Arielle takes over the toy for one final bondage orgasm before leaving Ziva alone to dry out from all her wetness!

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