In Armbinder and Frog Ties, Nadia White Hopelessly Writhes

Nadia White is in quite a fix, sitting cross-legged on the floor with her nylon-sheathed stems and booted feet frog tied, her arms strapped behind her, imprisoned in a bondage sleeve. Our heroine rolls over onto her side, which emphasizes how big her boobies are, and she squishes them as she shifts onto her tummy. Soon she gets on her almost bare butt as she helplessly tries to escape. But Nadia seems to lack a plan of action, so firm is the restraint she’s in. Biting her gag, she tries to sit up again, her tits almost falling out of the red bra in her struggle, drool littering the floor from her gag. Finally she manages to sit, groaning and looking imploringly at the camera. We’d love to help you, Nadia, but you’re in the movie and we’re out here enjoying every moment of your titanic struggle! Face it, girl, you’re in for the night. Or should we say…the duration? 😉

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